For now and the future

Santhem gives you all the spontaneity, choice and independence that you crave, perfectly balanced with all the support, personal care and community you could ever need.

Our vision

Say Yes! to a retirement like no other

While some say that later living is lacklustre, we’re Living for Later Life. And while some may say that it’s time to tone it down, we say it’s time to turn it up. That’s why all of our retirement villages offer excellent amenities, community activities, and a strong sense of independence to homeowners. While others may focus on the façade, we know it’s what’s inside that counts. And while some may work with a one-size-fits-all approach, we welcome individuality. That’s why every apartment, lounge, and garden has been designed around our residents’ likes, needs, and characteristics.

While some may close the door behind you, we hold it all the way open. And while some fear the future, we’re investing in and looking forward to it. That’s why we work hard to consider and cover every security need that our residents may have – so they can carry on visiting, vacationing, and entertaining whenever they like.

Senior couple dancing

Social Life & Event Calendar

Say Yes! to a vibrant social life when you want it, and tranquil peace when you need it. Whether it’s a weekly book club or a group trip to the coast, at Santhem, you’ll always find wonderful company and an abundance of things to do. And for days when you want something a bit quieter or slower paced, our Sewing Club and Gardening Club are the perfect places to relax and feel inspired.

Care and wellbeing services created around you

The most important thing to us is your wellbeing and independence. We know that everyone has unique needs, and you are – and will continue to be – the person you always have been. That’s why our Santhem Care & Wellbeing service is designed to be completely personalised.

We’ll work with you to create a plan that caters to your needs and ensures that you maintain the lifestyle you love.

A talented team passionate about care

Our Santhem Care & Wellbeing team are not only highly skilled and accredited care professionals, but also personable and empathetic individuals who genuinely love what they do. Our team members understand that care goes beyond assistance with physical tasks. They share our vision for a care service that respects each individual’s independence, privacy, dignity and wellbeing.

Our services - we’re here for you

Household support

We can change your bedding or prepare your meals. Or if you’d prefer us to walk your dog or pop on some washing, we can do that too. Whatever household tasks need doing, we can help keep your home just the way you like it.


Sometimes having someone with you can make a world of difference. Whether that’s going with you to the supermarket and joining you on your errands, or simply popping over for a cup of tea and chat. If it’s company you’re after, we’ll happily play a board game, watch a film, read you a book – whatever you like.

Personal care

When it comes to personal care, we can offer as much or as little as you need, such as help with bathing, getting dressed, shaving, beauty treatments, physio, or even a hand getting in and out of bed. You will always be in control of your support, whether you need it for few days, long term or only for specific occasions.

And should you ever require care late at night or in the early hours, we’ll make sure someone is there when you need them.

Specialist care

Our team is highly trained to care for those with specific needs, such as recovering from a stroke, or living with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. For Dementia support, we have options that we can take you through.

Daily wellbeing and lifestyle

We know that if we can keep you healthy and feeling good about yourself, it’ll help you live a good life and retain your independence.

To keep your mind active, we offer a programme of activities including arts & crafts, informative talks, music and games, so you can continue to do what love or take up something new. For your body, we can focus on your nutrition or create an exercise plan, which can be anything from resistance training and cardio to a Pilates group or a daily walk. And for your soul, we can connect you with other like-minded homeowners or offer you some companionship when you need it.

Let’s arrange an introduction

When you choose Santhem Care & Wellbeing, we want you to be sure you’re 100% confident with your decision.

We hope this information has been a helpful guide on what we offer but there’s nothing like a face-to-face conversation to really get a feel for something.

We recommend arranging an informal introduction with one of our team. This will give you the chance to ask any questions and understand all the options available to you. Even if you’re just looking for some peace of mind for the future, we’re more than happy to pop around for a chat.

Santhem Care & Wellbeing is an optional service available at an additional cost

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